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Digital Printing is an industrial method which can reproduce digital texts and images that are developed in different materials such as flexible or rigid components.

This technology has allowed a customized service due to its adaptability in size, color, resolution, print material, and quantity without sacrificing time and quality.

Our company works with ink jet printers, solvent, latex and UV inks, according to our client's needs, thus guaranteeing excellent results.

Our infrastructure and personalized service allows us to control every aspect in the development of the best quality products.

Resolutions | Inks

This printing method is considered one of the most versatile in the market since it allows us to work with different type of substrates (flexible and rigid) and sizes, this way we can control ink waste, and guarantee high quality results.

This technique is used to reproduce series of the same piece of art due to the customization of the process, optimizing costs with an excellent execution.


The screen prints can be identified by a texture that offers the layers of every color. Every color is printed independently and goes through a drying process that prepares the piece for the next color ink.


Due to the characteristics of this ink (elasticity, resistance to heat and UV rays) they are functional for indoor and outdoor projects. They also allow adjustments such as vacuum forming.

We work with conventional and tubular structures that have been strategically placed on the main roads of Colombia.

Each billboard has been designed to guarantee high impact and visibility according to its location.
Each structure is developed after performing geotechnical study that verifies the viability according to the foundation of the location. We also perform structural studies that follow the NSR-10 engineering norm, which is controlled by the country's advertising regulation. This is why we guarantee stability and safety on each billboard.

Our cutting equipment allows us to be versatile; we can work on various types of material (either flexible or rigid substrates) and develop new ideas using different applications such as 2D and 3D.

Finishing services include, cutting, routing, creasing, and laminating. Through this area, we control the quality of our client's projects since its finishing techniques guarantee excellent results.




Our different printers offer a variety of resolutions. We work depending on our client’s need from 187 to 1400 DPI (dot per inch).






We work with solvent, UV and latex inks, and utilize up to 7 colors including white. Nonetheless, we are constantly exploring different alternatives concerning print materials, inks, and processes that will have a minor impact on the environment.

Solvent Inks:  

Inks that are composed with solvents in their pigments which guarantee high levels of resistance to discoloration and light. They are ideal in resisting different light, friction and humidity conditions. These inks penetrate the printing material to obtain high quality images.

Printers that use this kind of ink, work with the whole color spectrum (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black).  When printing, their piezo heads releases ink by applying pressure, forming drops (pixels) that create the image with excellent resolution.


UV Inks:

These are specialized inks for exteriors due to their high resistance to ultra violet rays. They offer high levels of color saturation which deliver depth in images, making them visually very attractive. Our UV ink jet units cure the ink using ultra violet light, which makes the output easy to handle for finishing and packaging. These types of ink have less need for lamination, have longer durability, and work for different type of substrates.  Other favorable characteristics are that they are water and fade resistant.

Latex Inks:

They are flexible, ecological, water based inks that work for any substrate.  For their drying process heat is used to vaporize the water component that sticks the ink to the substrate.  Next, to cure the ink, the latex melts creating a film where the pigments lay on top which results in higher resistance and durability.

These inks work either for exterior or interior applications; they are ecological inks that have great color, texture, and resistance.




Our organization works with rigid and flexible material, nevertheless we are constantly looking for new materials and finding ways to innovate with them. These are the main substrates we work with:








Foam Board

Polystyrene 20




Back Light- Duratrans

Silver Mirror

Translucent vinyl






Our big format printers work with flexible and rigid materials, up to 2 meters width for rigid and 5 meters width flexible substrates.